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The Savoy Gardens Hotel is part of the Savoy Group of Hotels and Resorts in Madeira Island, Portugal. The hotel was totally renovated in 2008 and since its reopening we have implemented an effective sustainability management programme.
When the Savoy Gardens Hotel underwent a complete refurbishment for its re-opening in 2008, our aim was to make the hotel as sustainable as possible. Since then, we have implemented a new management philosophy, which defines objectives in the areas of efficiency, effectiveness and quality, seeking to strengthen the relationship with employees and suppliers, entailing the practices and principles of sustainable management and making a commitment to social responsibility. We promote awareness programmes and training in order to improve services and integrate our employees and guests in social initiatives of our community and so assuming a commitment to social responsibility.
The Savoy Gardens Hotel is officially recognised as an Environmentally Friendly Establishment, by Madeira's Tourism Bureau. As part of our proactive commitment to reduce our impact on the environment we have implemented our Green Programme and our guests are invited also to be involved in the hotel's eco-friendly initiatives.
How Travelife helped us and how we have involved our guests and staff
Through the valuable assistance and orientation provided by Travelife, we aim to engage guests, staff members, suppliers and local community, to encourage the improvement of environmental performance in all our activities, products and services. Creating greater awareness of our sustainability programme is a priority and we achieve this by providing information and training opportunities to our staff members. We have designed our very own illustrative leaflets/flyers and in-room documentation informing guests of the numerous proactive ways they too can be engaged and support our various green initiatives, i.e. minimise energy usage, reduce and separate waste for recycling, reduce the amount of laundry, etc.
How we have improved water and energy efficiency In the remodelling and conversion of the hotel building we introduced new energy saving devices, using the most adequate materials and equipment to ensure the best results, such as low flush toilets, water flow restrictors, which have been fitted into all taps and shower heads of all of our guest rooms and public areas. These devices help us to regulate the water consumption and our regular monitoring highlights significant savings.
Further water efficiency measures are in practice also in our gardens. On re-landscaping the hotel gardens we installed droplet pipe systems and sprinkler systems, thus guaranteeing reduced water wastage when watering our garden areas. In addition, eco-friendly fertilization products are used within our very own vegetable and herb gardens.
Also, we implemented other power saving equipment during the renovation plans and these include; the key-card power saving switches and air conditioning energy saving sensors, in all guest-rooms; motion sensored lighting system in the hotel public areas; we installed energy saving LED lightings throughout the hotel; and all guest-rooms are equipped with low energy TVs.
Our energy and water consumption is monitored on a monthly basis and by implementing these effective measures, our monitoring charts show significant reductions or any possible discrepancy which allows us to take immediate corrective action. This, we achieve without compromising the comfort of our guests and maintain high quality standards of the daily operation at our hotel.
Our entire staff-team plays a crucial role in our conservation and sustainability management programme. Strengthening staff skills by offering staff training is ongoing in all aspects of the company's health and safety, food hygiene objectives, as well as our environmental and social policies. Staff are trained on how to improve water and energy efficiency, follow eco-friendly practices in their daily operations, reduce waste and participate in safety drill exercises together with the collaboration of the municipal and voluntary fire departments and emergency local divisions. In addition, our staff members are first aid trained.
Having already attained awards for Environmental, Health & Safety Management, today, we are also very proud to announce that the Savoy Gardens Hotel is the very first hotel in Madeira to achieve the Travelife GOLD award. We take great pride in sharing our achievements and display the certificates and accolades in the lobby area and our informed and motivated staff are on hand to answer any questions that our guest-clientele may have on our initiatives.
How we reduce waste The separation of waste material is another priority and this practice is enforced in each of the hotel's departments; paper and packaging, plastic, glass, metal, food waste, cooking oils, chemicals, light bulbs, batteries, aerosol sprays, electrical appliances and garden waste. Also, wherever possible we encourage the recycling of these materials. Internal audits are conducted daily to discourage wastage. We further engage our guests in this practice - in all guest-rooms we have placed colour-coded recycling bins to encourage guests to recycle too.
We all know that the use of chemicals in general can have negative impacts on human health and in the environment. Therefore, we have contacted our suppliers in order to purchase environmentally friendly products. Measures have been implemented to ration the use of chemicals in the different areas of the hotel and ongoing internal audits monitor our objectives and analyses have highlighted a reduction in consumption.
The hotel features a vegetable and an herb garden and whenever possible we use our own home-grown biological fresh produce in our hotel kitchen. An initiative which is much appreciated by our hotel guests.
How we support local business Supporting of local business starts at our purchasing department, by giving essential preference to regional produce wherever possible. We hire local talents for musical entertainment and offer our guests weekly live demonstrations on local artefacts where craftsmen have access to display their art and goods for sale at our property.
How we support local charities and community groups We are committed also to support our local community and offer various benefits. For instance, we collaborate with the local hotel school and other professional schools by offering work experience and training courses to their students. Rehabilitation centres are also on our list of partnerships. We employ these individuals who attend the centres and help their social reintegration in the community. We assist various local charity organisations by gifting financial donations to some, and giving periodically furniture, bed-lining, towelling and food to others.
We are a proud partner of a number of national public institutions; The Gil Foundation (fully committed to support the social reintegration of long-term hospitalised children), The Ecological Park of Funchal (a nature preservation association in Madeira) and Quercus (Portugal's largest environmental organization). In some situations we encourage guests' participation, for example, for the Gil Foundation, guests are invited to donate a symbolic 1 euro per stay, which is added on to their hotel account upon check-out. Working in partnership with the Association of Friends of the Ecological Park of Madeira, we are able to offer our guests as well as staff members a full programme of extraordinary and proactive.

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